SWISH.GLOBAL’s prime concern is to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase, even if you want to return your purchase. Keeping your smile intact, we kindly accept your purchase as a return, exchange and refund of the amount (excluding shipping & handling charges). We are pleased to inform you of the rights you will have underneath this policy concerning returns and refunds.

  1. To make sure your item(s) is in return and refunded, please contact the SWISH Hotline Number at +88 01767 66 45 34, and specify the reason(s) for the return.
  2. You are requested to bring the invoice and challan to make the return process faster.
  3. Within 15 days after the purchase date, you have the option of returning your item(s), however, the packaging must still be intact and conform to the SWISH Standard Package. This is applicable for both in-person and online purchases.
  4. When you accept a challan, it confirms that your item(s) were delivered to you in good condition.
  5. It is required to pay a minimum of (50%) in advance when buying and stocking an item(s), and the remaining payment must be paid within (30) days of the purchase date. Otherwise, SWISH will only be liable for stocking any item(s) equivalent to the amount you have paid for the thirty (30) days invoice has generated.
  6. The return, exchange, refund, or any modification is possible for a maximum of one time and only for a single invoice.
  7. SWISH reserves the right to withhold or reject any returns and reimbursements processes if any of above the six (6) aforementioned requirements are not followed.

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