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Overhead Shower – Luxury Shower

Upgrade your bathroom with a stunning Luxury Overhead Shower that uses different types of Shower heads with different features that suit an individual lifestyle. Get inspired by our unique Ceiling mounted Overhead showers.

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Whether you have a small bathroom or a large one, a luxury overhead shower is a must-have fixture for a modern bathroom. It renders a stylish and glamorous look and forms the focal point of a bathroom. The overall look and feel of the bathroom can be changed by going for the right Ceiling Mount Shower Heads.
We have wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted overhead shower systems and shower sets for all types of bathrooms. Shower sets are available in square, round and rectangular shapes.

A simple shower system or shower headset comes with a wall-mounted showerhead and a hand shower.

The shower set can have two or three handles depending on the functions available. A more detailed shower system comes with a jet spray that sprays water to the pressure points of the body.

Shower systems are also available with LED lights whose brightness can be adjusted to set the right mood in the bathroom. Some LED lights can even change color depending on the temperature of the water.

Typically, a shower system can be installed in two to three days. But since all our shower systems come with an instruction manual it is very easy to install.