Premium Bath Shower Mixer

We at SWISH offer you a wide collection of luxurious bath mixers, where we bring you a selection of high-quality fixtures designed to bring luxury to your bathing experience. Browse through our premium collection and choose the most suitable one for your bathroom.

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Bath mixer tap at our collection are crafter with precious cut and add the sophistication to make your bathroom luxurious.


59A Grade Brass

We crafted the bath mixer with precision from 59A Grade Brass imported from Australia, ensuring reliability, and corrosion resistance.

Spanish Ceramic Cartridge

The heart of the faucet ceramic seal is imported from Spain and the neoperl aerator which is used to soften the flow of water is imported from Switzerland.


Say goodbye to limescale buildup. Our bath mixers feature anti-limescale technology, ensuring consistent water flow and easy maintenance.

Lead Percentage

Say goodbye to lead exposure as it contains less than 0.2% lead in the metal components.

PVD Coating

Enhanced with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, our mixers exude a luxurious chrome finish while resisting wear and tear.

Chrome Finish

The chrome finish not only adds a sleek and modern look but also enhances the mixers’ strength and corrosion resistance.


Number of functions

SWISH designed the Bath mixers where more than two functions are combined to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Flow rate

The flow rate of a bath mixer depends on the size of the mixer, water pressure, and shower head. Your engineers are designing it to your preference.

Temperature control

You adjust the temperature of bath mixer water with a lever or thermostatic cartridge.


Bath mixers are typically made of metal, such as brass or stainless steel. Some mixers are also made of plastic or ceramic.


The finish of a bath mixer is the way it looks. Common finishes include chrome, brushed nickel, and gold.


Bath mixers can be either wall-mounted or deck-mounted. Wall-mounted mixers are mounted to the wall behind the bath, while deck-mounted mixers are mounted to the top of the bath.

Our mixers combine advanced technology and timeless design for luxury and convenience.

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