Luxurious Art Basin Collection

We at SWISH offer a wide variety of art basins, all are made with the finest materials and technology that makes the basin luxurious and premium. Start browsing our selection and choose the preferred one for your space.

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Make your bathroom look amazing with our Art Basin, a combination of art, function, and hygiene. Each basin is a work of art, designed to turn your bathroom into a stylish and sanitary oasis.


1mm Thick Antibacterial Glaze

Our Basin is coated with multiple variations like .80mm and 1mm thick antibacterial glaze, ensuring a germ-free and hygienic surface.

1280° Oven Baked

The 1280°C oven-baking process, guarantees long-lasting strength and a lustrous finish.

Anti-Bacterial Glaze

The basin’s anti-bacterial glaze provides an extra layer of protection against germs, making it a safe and clean choice for your bathroom.

Anti-Dirt Technology

With anti-dirt technology, the basin repels stains and residue, simplifying maintenance and keeping your bathroom pristine.

Hidden Waste System

The hidden waste system not only adds to the basin’s aesthetics but also makes cleaning effortless while ensuring optimal drainage.


Colour Variation

Our Art Basin collection includes various colour options including white, black, and gold coated, allowing you to choose the perfect basin to match your bathroom’s style and decor.

Adjustable Water Release

The basin offers adjustable water release, so you can tailor your water flow to your preferences, contributing to water conservation.

Splash Resistance

The basin’s design minimizes splashes, ensuring a cleaner and drier bathroom space.

The Art Basin is a stylish, comfortable and luxurious sanitary bathroom sink that offers multiple features to make the bathroom luxurious. It is available in a variety of colours and other size options. Order now!

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