Shower Connector

Make your shower experience a whole lot better with the hand Shower Connector. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, this connector promises hassle-free installation and maintenance. Enjoy a luxurious shower experience.

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Explore the EasyConnect Shower Connector’s specifications and features below, crafted to enhance your shower experience with ease and sophistication


2 Layers Electroplate Coating: Features durable nickel and chrome plating for added protection.

Glossy Finish: Adds a sleek and polished look to your shower setup.

3 Layers Electronic Plating Coating: Ensures durability with copper, nickel, and chromium layers.

59A Grade Brass Body: Provides strength and reliability for long-term use.


Easy Installation: Simplified installation process for quick setup.

Easy To Clean: Effortless maintenance for a clean and sparkling connector.

Air Inject Technology: Incorporates innovative air inject technology for a revitalizing shower experience.


Upgrade your shower with the EasyConnect Shower Connector and enjoy convenience, durability, and innovation at your fingertips.

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