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Towel Rail – Polished Towel Bars

Discover the design world’s best Polished Towel Bars. Available in Chrome, Nickel, Bronze, and Brass. Find something extraordinary for every style of the towel rail.

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Bathroom Towel Bars & Holders are an easy way to keep your bathroom looking tidy while helping your towels dry more quickly. Different towel racks can accommodate more towels, whether you’re looking for a single or double towel bar. While most towel bars are wall-mounted, keep an eye out for unique freestanding designs. You can buy Towel Rails for the Bathroom in a range of finishes to match other bathroom accessories, such as chrome, brushed nickel, or gold.

Most towel bars are installed about 48 inches from the floor, where most people will be able to easily reach them. However, you’ll be fine hanging them anywhere from 44 inches to 56 inches from the floor if your home has different needs.

When you’re choosing the length you need, consider:
An 18-inch towel rail can fit a single standard bath towel when it’s folded in half.
A 24-inch towel rail fits one oversized bath towel folded in half.
A 30-inch towel rail can hold two standard bath towels folded in thirds.
If you have limited space, opt for a double towel rack that can hold multiple towels without taking up extra real estate on the wall.