Cabinet Mirror

This luxurious, functional mirror is engineered to add sophistication while combining luxury and functionality. Experience the beauty with functionality.

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Explore the detailed specifications and innovative features of the Cabinet Mirror below, meticulously designed to enhance your grooming routine with ease and elegance.



High-Quality LED Lights: Equipped with premium LED lights for optimal illumination and clarity.

Flexible Hinge: Features flexible hinges for effortless adjustment and positioning.

Inner Electric Socket: Includes an inner electric socket for convenient charging or powering grooming tools.

Both Side Mirror: Offers mirrors on both sides for versatile usage and added convenience.


Adjustable Glass Shelf: Provides an adjustable glass shelf for customizable storage options, accommodating various grooming essentials.

Hand Gesture Control: Incorporates hand gesture control for intuitive and hands-free operation, enhancing convenience and hygiene.

Neon Edge: Boasts a neon edge for a modern and stylish aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor.

Upgrade your grooming routine with the  Cabinet Mirror and indulge in the perfect blend of luxury, functionality, and style. Experience the convenience of adjustable lighting, flexible positioning, and ample storage, all wrapped in a sleek and elegant design.

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