Luxurious Sensor Pillar Cock

Sensor Pillar Cock, smart modernity for your daily water uses. This innovative fixture is designed to enhance your water flow experience while minimizing water waste. Browse and choose the most suitable one for you.

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59A Grade Brass: 59A Grade Brass is used to craft the pillar cock, our Sensor Pillar Cock ensures durability and longevity, even in high-traffic settings.

Regular & Long Neck Design: The regular and long neck design perfectly suits with various bathroom configurations, providing flexibility and convenience in installation.

Super Bubble Flow from Switzerland: Enjoy a luxurious and efficient water flow with the Super Bubble Flow technology sourced from Switzerland, ensuring a refreshing and gentle stream.


Auto On/Off: Our Sensor Pillar Cock offers auto on/off functionality using the sensor, which promotes a hygienic and hands-free experience while conserving water by eliminating the risk of taps being left running.

Less Water Waste: By automatically turning off the water flow when not in use, this sensor cock minimizes water waste, contributing to water use.

Smooth Water Flow: Experience a smooth and uninterrupted water flow, enhancing your convenience during daily routines.

No Additional Cleaning: The touchless design and build structure not only promotes hygiene but also reduces the need for additional cleaning, making it a low-maintenance solution for any bathroom.

The SWISH Sensor Pillar Cock is more than a bathroom fixture; it’s a smart and eco-friendly addition to your bathroom. With hands-free operation and water-saving features, it enhances both convenience and environmental responsibility. Shop Now and Experience the future of hygienic and efficient water flow with our Sensor Pillar Cock.

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