Premium Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Coat Hook 

Simplify your coat organization with the premium quality Coat Hook. Crafted for both style and functionality, this hook promises effortless organization and easy maintenance.

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Discover the simple luxurious Coat Hook’s specifications and features below, designed to upgrade your organization experience with comfort and ease.


Zinc & 57 Grade Brass Body: Engineered for durability and reliability, combining the strength of zinc with the quality of 57-grade brass.

2 Layers Nickel & Chrome Coating: Provides a sleek and polished 2 Layers Nickel & Chrome Coating finish while offering enhanced protection against rust and corrosion.

59A Brass: Utilizes premium-grade 59A brass for superior strength and longevity, ensuring long-term durability.

PVD Coating: Adds an extra layer of scratch and wear resistance with its durable PVD coating.


Easy Organization: Say goodbye to clutter and chaos. The EasyHook Coat Hook simplifies organization, allowing you to keep your space neat effortlessly.

Comfortable Usability: The hook offers comfortable usability, making it easy for you to hang and retrieve items.

Effortless Cleaning: Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with the EasyHook Coat Hook. It’s smooth surfaces and durable coatings facilitate effortless cleaning, ensuring a pristine appearance at all times.

Upgrade your space with the premium quality coat hook and enjoy effortless organization, comfort and style in every use.


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