Who we are

Luxurious Lifestyle brand SWISH manufactures Luxury Bathware and Kitchenware products. We began our adventure in the distant past in 2012 and we launched our manufacturing in China in 2015.

You can better understand our brand values and perspectives by going through this blog.

What makes us BRAND

Luxury brings to mind images of things we want. In truth, having time, love, good health and a healthy atmosphere is a great luxury. And SWISH truly offers “Luxury” products, which let us forge a strong place in global trade. Customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations are our top priorities. Considering that we created items just for them. We don’t compromise on the quality of our products.

Our products

Our products are Bathware and Kitchenware. Our technically talented research team enhances the beauty of our high-end items during production.

Our customers

Our cherished clients have overwhelmed us. We offer our services starting with higher middle class, rich and elite customers. We are also pleased to give them our excellent care.

The benefits of gaining client satisfaction for businesses

  • Customer satisfaction matters

Clients expect proper treatment. Additionally, when your clients are happy throughout the entire encounter, pricing won’t matter for a good brand.

  •  Customer retention is encouraged by business relationships with them

             Customers will return to you more frequently in the future the longer they are happy with your brand. Another step in sustaining loyalty is brand loyalty. Swish especially looks after this matter very closely.

  •  Your brand remains at the top of its sector thanks to satisfied clients

If you know how to guarantee client happiness and can successfully deliver it, you will have an advantage over your entire service delivery production. From production to clients, it can be looked at as a business chain.


In essence, SWISH.GLOBAL plays a significant role in providing unmatched luxury products along with the best service by maintaining the lead in the bathware and kitchenware industry by best design and technology, taking the concepts of the time based on unique style to drive the business and taking quality & customer satisfaction as the base of a brand name the SWISH.

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