SWISH Makes Moms Proud: From Workplaces to Ads of the World

Every Mother’s Day, brands scramble to craft the right campaign. While many settle for static posts or generic campaigns, SWISH, a luxury lifestyle brand, chose a more heartfelt approach this year. 

In Bangladesh, mothers often dream of their children’s success, picturing them in a comfortable, welcoming workplace. They yearn to see the environment where their “champs” spend their days, wondering if it’s filled with kindness and positive work culture. However, many mothers never get the chance to witness this reality.

SWISH decided to celebrate Mother’s Day in a different way this year and bridge this gap on Mother’s Day by inviting mothers to the SWISH Group Bangladesh headquarter. Employees brought their mothers for a full day of immersive experiences, creating cherished “SWISH MOMents.” They shared their daily routines, expressed their love and appreciation, and aimed to bring genuine smiles to their mothers’ faces and surprise them with an AV of their untold voice to the moms. This campaign wasn’t just about marketing; it was about fulfilling a mother’s dream of seeing their child’s professional world come alive.

The integrated approach resonated deeply with audiences, leaving a heartwarming impression. The campaign went viral, earning SWISH the distinction of being the only Bangladeshi Mother’s Day campaign featured on Ads of the World (AOTW) this year. Notably, SWISH’s previous Mother’s Day campaign, “Genderless Motherhood,” was also highlighted on AOTW last year.

As members of the SWISH family, we feel immense pride and honor. Our journey doesn’t end here. This accomplishment fuels our determination to push boundaries and innovate further. We envision more groundbreaking campaigns and initiatives that resonate globally.
At SWISH, we understand the importance of creating meaningful connections, not just with our customers but also with their families. By bringing mothers into our workplace, we aimed to strengthen these bonds and show our appreciation for the support they provide.

The success of this campaign reaffirms our commitment to excellence and our ability to make a positive impact in the community. We are grateful for the recognition from Ads Of The World and for the opportunity to showcase our values on a global platform.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey. Here’s to many more milestones and achievements in the future. Cheers to SWISH and the power of meaningful connections!

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