HS 0200122-00 SWISH Hand Shower

SWISH hand shower is a perfect addition to your bathroom!


  • Chrome Colour
  • Electroplated Brass-Nickel-Chrome Coating
  • 0.2 um Coating Thickness
  • High Quality Brass Body
  • Rain-Type Spray
  • Flow Rate Of Approximately 9L/min
  • Recommended Installation Height: 1.4 m
  • Pressure Limit: 8 Bar


Overall Features:


Highly skilled research and development team of SWISH work around the clock to be ahead of the trends and allow SWISH to be at the forefront of the industry. We always provide the best Design based on customer demands.


SWISH develops the best sustainable, durable products. Our products are produced with high quality materials, apply sustainable production methods, innovative thinking and trendsetting research.


SWISH always keep in touch with customers and always be ready to assist them. Before & aftersales service helps us to get the customer satisfaction and holds the trust forever.


Best For Baby Shower
Hand showers with adjustable pressure are ideal for gentle and comfortable baby showers.

Rain Shower
Offering a soothing, natural experience with even water distribution and gentle pressure, perfect for sensitive skin and relaxing therapy.

Easy Maintenance
Easily remove iron deposits for simplified maintenance.

High Quality Brass Body
Resists rust and corrosion, ensuring it stays clean and functional over time.

Super Flexible Hose Pipe
It is easy to direct the water where you need it, enhancing comfort and convenience.

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