Premium Double Burner Gas Stove

Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and safety with our Double Burner Gas Stove. A modern kitchen appliance to make your kitchen smart and effortless.

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Enjoy the ultimate cooking experience with our high-efficiency, stylish, and safe gas stove.

Explore the detailed specifications and innovative features of the Double Burner Gas Stove below, meticulously designed to enhance your cooking experience with ease and sophistication.



6 mm Tempered Glass: Durable and explosion-proof tempered glass for a sleek and safe cooking surface.

63% Heat Efficiency: High heat efficiency for optimal cooking performance.

SPCC Body Material: Robust SPCC body material for durability and longevity.

5.2 KW Super High Power: Powerful burners with 5.2 KW for natural gas and 4.8 KW for liquefied gas.

2 Burners / Three Burners: Available in two and three-burner options for versatile cooking.

Child Lock Knob: Safety child lock knob to prevent accidental ignition.

Highest Power Production: Maximum power production with natural gas at 5.2 KW and liquefied gas at 4.8 KW.

Gas-Saving Technology: Efficient gas-saving technology achieving over 67% with natural gas and 65% with liquefied gas.

Timer Mode: Convenient timer mode for precise cooking.

FFD (Thermal-Couple) Safety Device: Safety device to prevent gas leaks and ensure safe operation.

Explosion Proof Tempered Glass Body: Safe and durable tempered glass body.

Easy & Secure Power Knob: User-friendly power knob for easy operation.

Wind-Protected Fire Stability: Stable flame even in windy conditions.

Fuel Saving Brass Burner: Efficient brass burners for fuel savings.

Power Production: High power production for efficient cooking.



Life-Saving Device: Equipped with life-saving devices for added safety.

Tabletop & Concealed System: Versatile design for tabletop or concealed installation.

Flameout Protection: Automatically shuts off gas if the flame goes out.

Child Lock Protection: Prevents accidental ignition and ensures child safety.

Anti-Slip Pan Support: Sturdy and secure pan support to prevent slipping.

Less Than 1s Ignition Time: Quick and reliable ignition time of less than one second.

Easy to Clean: Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Upgrade your kitchen with the Double Burner Gas Stove and enjoy a safe, efficient, and stylish cooking experience. With features like gas-saving technology, child lock protection, and flameout protection, this stove is designed to provide the ultimate in convenience and safety. Experience the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and elegance with our Double Burner Gas Stove.

Smart Synchronization

When you power up the burner, smart bluetooth automatically connects the hood

Life Saving Device

Turns of the gas supply when the flame goes off due to spillage

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