Micro-CleanJet glaze A certified shield for bacteria

A recent innovation in the antibacterial coating revealed that it is more beneficial for ceramic. In order to do this, the ground-breaking Micro-CleanJet ceramic glaze has been improved and given a new composition.

 The new glaze

It’s a new glaze in the Industry named as ‘’Micro-CleanJet glaze’’. Which is a heavy material on top of ceramic that is a layer and does not allow bacteria to grow or be born.

 Why is it important?

The new micro-cleanjet glaze, which is baked into ceramic during a fire, is not only beneficial, but works extremely fast. Due to the burning/baking of micro-cleanjet ceramic glaze, it is much more effective on ceramic.

There are instructions to follow hygiene rules in public buildings, schools, colleges, offices, homes. Again, since the arrival of the Corona epidemic, it has been said to follow hygiene in a very difficult way everywhere. In this case, our glaze can play a special role.

 Work process of Micro-CleanJet glaze

Products made with micro-cleanjet coating inhibit the growth of microbes by breaking the bacterial screen and trapping harmful microorganisms (which cannot be seen with the bare eye).

The highest resistance against bacteria

Studies have shown that microorganisms coated with antimicrobials effectively inhibit the growth of numerous microorganisms and create an environment that becomes unsuitable for the growth of bacteria and viruses.

The Micro-CleanJet formula contains the creation of a new substance of metal ions and other active substances, which, for example, are especially effective in stopping the growth of harmful bacteria such as E. COLLI or Escherichia coli.

It is baked into ceramics and extends from the interior to the rim of the commode. Micro-CleanJets are more effective in areas where cleaning is difficult to clean to kill bacteria and germs. Your cost is reduced in this case.

Micro-CleanJet glaze inhibited 99.9 percent bacterial growth within 24 hours. The efficacy of micro-CleanJet glaze antibacterial coatings has been scientifically proven through healthy and microbiological experiments performed by the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health at the University of forest.

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