4 must-haves for a Luxury Kitchen

Luxury kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners strive to create a comfortable and stylish space to cook and entertain. Given the importance of the kitchen, you should always try to keep it as neat and classy as possible. In fact, with a range of luxurious kitchen items available, you should focus on making your kitchen look lavish.

Top-quality kitchenware and attractive sets add elegance to your kitchen. This also induces confidence in you to make mouthwatering dishes. So, below, we look at some luxury kitchen items that can turn your daily cooking place into a place of mesmerizing culinary arts.

Also known as an extractor hood, range hood, or exhaust hood, a kitchen hood resembles a device with a mechanical fan hanging above the stove in the kitchen. It directs grease, moisture, and heat from the kitchen outside the window. SWISH is offering some beautifully crafted and effective kitchen hoods that give luxury to your kitchen.

SH331 SWISH Kitchen Hood and CH342 SWISH Kitchen Hood models add elegance to your kitchen. Both the models have Auto Heat Cleaning, Twin Turbo Motor Functions, LED lights, and Touch Panel, with CH342 having a Remote Controller too.

At the higher-priced end of the spectrum, we have CH343 SWISH Kitchen Hood. This product features more advanced technology and wider coverage of your cooking area. 

And finally, TV393 SWISH Kitchen Hood offers you the most attractive and best quality features. You enjoy features like Hand Gestures, Bluetooth Connectivity, and a Timer Mode. And with the Twin Turbo Motor that intakes the heavy smoke from heavy dishes, the price of this hood looks quite reasonable. 


Burners are the key to any cooking. Your burner’s attributes decide or affect how well your food will be heated and fried. The number of burners on your stove should complement your cooking times and items. Sufficient heat, safety levels, and ease of use determine the purchase of stove burners.

SWISH offers luxurious, 2-Burner gas stoves that fashion your kitchen setup. These feature a mix of high and low heat output, depending on your needs and how you mix them. And the price ranges are at optimum given the market trends and features. 

B323 SWISH Table Top Burner at SWISH is fashionable to give luxury to your kitchen. This product benefits you with a built-in safety device, safe ignition features, rapid heat technology, and 62% more heat efficiency. It measures 28” x 15”. In addition to all the prior mentioned benefits, it provides child-lock protection to help you keep your children safe from unwanted mishaps.

Then you have the B327 SWISH Burner and the B326 SWISH Burner. With the former, you benefit from a 4-layer explosion-proof glass, 5.5KW super-power, sleek design, and quick, easy ignition. And, of course, you have the other general benefits. 

On the other hand, B326 SWISH Burner lets you experience the aura of a modern kitchen. Its features include Bluetooth connectivity, directed heat, timer mode, and 4-layer explosion-proof glass, with a measurement of 29.90” x 17.30”, at the top. 

What you do before and after cooking also impacts the elegance of your kitchen.  Having a smart, stylish, and effective kitchen sink becomes imperative when setting up a kitchen. As the kitchen sink is the place where you clean cookware before and after cooking, having a durable and easily cleanable sink matters. 

SWISH lets you upgrade your kitchen with smart kitchen sinks and washing technology.  Get the best-in-class quality luxury kitchen sinks at the best prices in Bangladesh. SWISH offers effective, stylish, and modern kitchen sinks that add smartness and luxury to your kitchen. Choose the most suitable kitchen sink that matches your kitchen’s theme.

M1824SB SWISH Smart Sink offers you the most affordable buy with smart features. Experience a smart release system, a smart cleaning system, a 304 Stainless steel body, and a heavy storage area to wash your dishes.

A kitchen sink that stands out is the M2048 DBST SWISH Smart Sink. With SWISH’s top-class engineering and design, you get a diversified experience with this smart, modern sink. Besides the common features of other SWISH kitchen sinks, you will get the benefit of the Lotus Leaf Bionic Technology, which makes cleaning hassle-free with the quick removal of oil and water strains.

And finally, if you wish to try something a bit more expensive, you can purchase the M2039SC-S SWISH Smart Sink. Its features and benefits support its comparatively higher pricing. Enjoy its custom solid trays that you can detach and use as dripping trays. Its smart release system allows you to store water in the main bowl of the sink with just a twist. And its smart splash release water to every corner of the sink to give a thorough cleaning.

Kitchen sink mixer faucets (also called kitchen sink mixer taps) are the most common kitchen faucets available in kitchens. The modern kitchen mixer taps include low-spout, medium-spout, and high-spout kitchen faucets. Additionally, you can also enjoy touchless kitchen faucets with sensor technology. 

SWISH, offers sink mixers that make your life easier and your kitchen more luxurious. The current sink mixers generally feature the following: 

  • 59A Grade Brass
  • Sedal Cartridge
  • Anti Limescale
  • PVD Coating
  • Chrome Finish

The prices range from BDT 7500/- to BDT 37,500/-, depending on your preference and suitability with your kitchen.

Create a Standout, Luxury Kitchen

Creating a luxury kitchen is becoming very popular today.  Because the kitchen is the source of your mouthwatering dishes and culinary arts, you would want the place to be as lavish, luxurious, and elegant as possible.

Make the best use of the offers at SWISH’s kitchenware collection and thematize your kitchen as per your needs. Put extra focus on the kitchen hood, burners, kitchen sink, and sink mixers to create a luxury kitchen that standouts. 

Visit SWISH for modern collections of luxurious kitchenware and choose the best-priced, top-quality products that meet your daily needs! Enjoy a classy and luxurious life, with SWISH GLOBAL. 

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