What to Look for When Buying a Shower Panel

Taking a refreshing bath plays a key role in making your day exciting and beautiful. Whether you take a shower before work or after returning from work, it is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But what makes taking showers or baths even more scintillating are the “tools” we use for the experience. One such medium is the shower panel, a single-unit system featuring many functions which give the users the experience of luxurious bathing. Here, we talk about what you should consider and check when purchasing a shower panel for your home’s bathing experience.

How do Shower Panels Work?

\r\nWhen buying a shower panel system, you may be intrigued to know how it works generally. \r\n\r\nBasically, a shower panel operates by gathering water from both hot and cold reservoirs and then mixing the two water types to release water of your preferred temperature choice. This is done with the help of thermostatic temperature controls. The controls of the two water types vary from each other. Some are controlled with a push button and others have a touch sensor to start varying operations.

Materials that Make the Panels

Not all shower panels are built equally. As these are luxurious items, price is seldom sacrificed for quality. The most preferred materials for manufacturing shower panels usually include aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and tempered glass. These materials are known for durability and an urban, elegant look. You can check our Shower Panels for the materials of our collection.

Features that Matter

The lengths of shower panels vary depending on the customers’ needs. The range is usually between one to six feet depending on the bathroom’s distance from the ceiling to the floor. The thickness and width of the panels also vary accordingly. Despite shower panels being full of impressive features, you do not need to opt for the more opulent ones such as built-in radio, Bluetooth, or even a built-in music system. We suggest you select the ones that serve your most important needs. You should try a shower panel that features temperature and pressure control. Also, you may look for features like dual shower heads, shower jets, LED mood lights, sensor pause feature (to save water when not in use like shampooing), rainfall jets, massage jets, etc. We recommend you also consider the panel’s ability to adjust the height and resist scratch. Swish Global is offering shower panels that possess some important and amazing features. These include the following and more:

  • Adjustable handheld showers that make it flexible for your spray and fill your body with water in whatever way you want. 
  • Adjustable body massage sprays give your body a refreshing feel to start the day. 
  • A large overhead shower that lets you absorb water all over your body that releases from the shower.
  • The individual water controls provide the users a variety to get of multidimensional experiences suited to their needs.
  • An anti-scalding device, which mixes hot and cold water inside a chamber to give you the best possible temperature when bathing in your home. 

Ensuring a Strong Water Pressure System

Now it may not hit your buying decision instantly, but understanding the water pressure system of your panel is of no less importance. You have to realize that certain showers may not be compatible with your system. Usually, the most prevalent systems are as follows:

  • Gravity-Fed System: this system features a tank with cold and hot water located in the loft/attic and airing cupboard respectively. An installed shower pump gives this system the best performance.
  • Main System: this setting is compatible with any other system. Here we see a combined boiler or electric/gas water heater.
  • Unvented System: This features a cylinder tank with pressurized hot water. This is compatible with most shower systems.

We also recommend you see the following basic steps to increase the water pressure if you face unwanted, low pouring of water:

  • Cleaning the shower head for dirt and sediments that jam the water flow over time.  
  • Replacing the shower head in case there is a serious blockage that is unfixable. 
  • Adding a shower pump, a small mechanical device, can also increase water flow in the system. 
  • Installing a pressurized unvented cylinder, on the other hand, give a long-term solution to low water pressure as it involves overtaking the currently set pressure of the system. It is obviously more complex than adding a shower pump but with better and longer benefits. 
  • Increasing the power of the shower can also help in this matter.

Experience that Meets Desires

Besides the above-mentioned factors, you should also focus on your preference for the desired experience. Go for a shower panel that resonates with your feelings when you enter the bathroom. Whether it radiates some darker light resembling your feeling of intimacy or a feeling of lively enjoyment to relieve you of the day’s stress, a shower panel with illuminating radiation should be your source of tranquility. For example, our most lavish offering, the 607851 SWISH Platino Thermostatic Shower Set, is a treat to the eye and senses. Yes, it is the priciest but the price is definitely worth it. The experience you feel from it resembles that of pure skin care. The overhead shower, made from 59A grade brass, comprises two shower modes. The waterfall gives you the best, full-fledged body wash you can imagine. It also has a rain mode for a more subtle, gentle oxygen shower. In addition to the thermostat valve that mixes the water brilliantly, a sprout at the lower end gives the perfect medium of water flow to your feet. Check out our Shower Panels and consult with our experts to know which materials and models will help you get the desired experience.

Your Bathroom Design

Designs of shower panels vary according to the bathroom and the surrounding. You should go for a design that best suits your bathroom and looks good to the eye. Obviously, the panel should not look too big or too small in proportion to the bathroom. The design should be soothing to your eyes as well as comfortable when bathing. We advise you to measure your bathroom wall where you plan to place the panel. Then, have a look at our Shower Panel Collections. You would love our collection as we cover the most common measurements. \r\n


Bathing is a crucial part of our lives. We all want a great experience when bathing.  An amazing experience with a shower can relieve us of a lot of stress and anxiety. Manufacturers like Swish Global understand it and produce shower panels accordingly. The collection that Swish Global provides ranges in design, features, colors, comfort, and price as well. We suggest you visit our website and go through the offering. You will be overwhelmed by how much importance we place on the customer’s needs. Consequently, you can decide which to buy, how to buy, and when to buy. Till then, happy bathing! Luxury awaits you!

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